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Our mission

Lurabo Milano_Antonio            Hello! I am Antonio and I am here to reveal you what "Lurabo - Milano" stands for.

I have spent some 20 years in luxury footwear and it has been my privilege to spend most of them working directly with two absolute masters of elegance and creativity: Manolo Blahnik (RegTM)  and Tomas Maier at Bottega Veneta (RegTM) where I was in charge of  both men's and women's Footwear. Through the years I have discovered the most skillful Italian artisans, those ingenious minds and magically gifted hands who know how to bring to life  even the most imaginative and daring designs. In a world ever more driven by mass production I have been able to work for companies who still place utmost attention to quality and to the artisanal making of the product with an obsessive attention to detail. 

I have felt I had to share this exciting world and promote footwear that could both contribute to keeping alive the best traditions and represent something innovative. Lurabo products are inspired by my mixed roots: born in Milano to an Italian father and a British mother I have inherited a natural inclination towards design, fashion, colours from one side and sound quality, functionality  and elegant tradition from the other. 

So why Lurabo? 

MY PASSION!  I want to enable a wider range of consumers to enjoy the beauty and quality of products that are made by our local artisans by offering competitive prices, everybody should have the right to experience a bit of luxury for himself!

MY UNDERSTANDING!  I myself am a demanding customer and too often I feel let down by the market offer. Lurabo offers an open, personal dimension in the relationship between the customer and who designs and makes products by bringing back the spirit of the traditional ateliers where someone would listen to your needs or even to your dreams and then take care of them with a stylish offer.

MY OBSESSION WITH QUALITY!  At Lurabo we reach new heights by employing traditional artisanal craftmanship matched to the use of the most sophisticated newly discovered materials and achieve unparalleled quality and functionality.

MY LOVE FOR BEAUTY!  Lurabo brings together fashion design and attention to function: style and comfort finally meet!

MY ADMIRATION!  Lurabo empowers the skills of Italian artisans, and those of my native county Lombardy in particular, granting them the possibility to craft with passion in return for fair economic rewards. I consider my personal mission to keep alive the artisanal tradition of individual craftsmen and small ateliers which risk disappearing simply because they are too busy hand crafting their creations and fall behind in this fast moving world ruled by global brands and the harsh rules of business, a world that cares more for savings than quality without compromise.

But... why house slippers?

Slippers are at the heart of Lurabo because they are becoming forgotten objects which deserve to be saved and loved more ...if we love ourselves. Genuine home slippers must be "turn-out" construction and they can only be made by hand so this makes them a forgotten product in a world ruled by industrial production. Top quality slippers have become really rare to find because there is only a handful of artisans left that can make luxury slippers using the best raw materials but nothing can beat the comfort and long lasting quality of a  pair of slippers crafted by hand using top quality leathers and materials.
Lurabo slippers are made only the traditional way some 20 miles from Milano  using a level of quality of leathers never to be seen on slippers and for the very first time with attention also to design, fashion inspirations, look....
Nevertheless, comfort not only is at its highest level but is further enhanced by the introduction of the most advanced padding materials bringing a revolutionary wind of improvement to a traditional product.

I am personally here to listen to you at any time and put all my experience in footwear and the world of fashion and luxury in your hands. I am here to answer to all your doubts, your ideas, your wishes...just write to me personally and I will be only too happy to answer you. Together with our team of artisans we are willing to make even new colour combinations or alterations specifically for you....let's talk about it!

Our pledge

Every Lurabo is carefully thought of, designed with obsessive attention to proportion and taken care of with loving attention here in Milano. Always strictly "Made in Italy"  with skill and passion.

Every Lurabo item comes with a mission: to become something you consider to be part of your very own personal luxury, a reliable and comforting companion in life.

....and now back to work!!!